Space Dudes

Where to mint?

The Space Dudes collection will be available for minting on Mint price is 1 AVAX Or you can purchase a Space Dude on the secondary market.


The rarity of each individual Space Dude is algorithmically determined based on a multitude of traits varying in rarity. A combination of rare traits will result in a rarer Space Dude.

Space Dudes NFT

The Space Dudes collection acts as the primary NFT for the entire ecosystem. Space Dudes will exclusively produce the $DRK token via staking.


$DRK is, for the most part, what the Space Dudes P2E system runs off of. $DRK will be earned by staking you're Space Dudes NFT.


$SPPLY is a finite token produced by staking $DRK and is used to increase a Space Dude's Ship level The higher level of a Ship that a Space Dude has, the more $DRK it will produce when staked